Storage and Pressure


JK Fabrications specialises in the manufacturing of many different types of pressure vessels including storage, heat exchange and pressure vessels.

We have provided many custom fabricated vessels to a range of companies around the UK and Ireland for a variety of products and applications.


Storage Vessels

One of the most commonly requested pressure vessels is the storage vessel as they are mainly required for industrial processes. Used primarily to store liquids, these pressure vessels are also available in a range of sizes depending on the exact role or product to be stored. When it comes to the material used to manufacture the Vessels we would always suggest the use of Stainless Steel due to the advantages it has over other materials, however, to keep cost to a minimum, internal liners of different material are used in addition to the vessels external material.

Pressure Vessels

JK Fabrications can meet all your needs for pressure vessels. Our design and manufacturing facilities offer fast, efficient and cost-effective designs. Generally pressure vessels carry specific requirements that require a custom fabrication solution. At JK Fabrications we can build a wide variety of solutions, fabricated to unique customer specifications and required codes.

In the production of pressure vessels, the processes of pre-bending and rolling are key, in order to obtain the clients desired tolerance. JK Fabrications offers 4-roll plate bending ideal in these processes to meet the correct tolerance.

Features & Benefits

PED and DWI Specifications

All Pressurised Vessels are designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned in accordance with the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) 2014/68/EU Standard and in accordance with the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) Specifications.


High Tolerance Fabrication

Fabrication to the highest tolerance.


BS13445 and PD5500 capabilities

Manufacturing capability of pressure vessels to BS13445 or PD5500


In Standard Transport

All vessels to be packaged and sealed for transport in line with national water hygiene recommendations to prevent the ingress of contaminants during transport.

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