Scraper Systems

Rectangular Sludge and Rotating Bridge


JK Fabrications Ltd offer two types of scraper systems, rectangular and circular, for settlement and flotation tanks.

The primary goal of these scraper systems is to help with the desludging and descumming of primary and final settling tanks. The scraper blade design and blade tip speed of rotation are suited to the nature of the sludge to be collected and removed.

All structures are designed to withstand all loads and stresses that may be placed upon the bridges and are manufactured to the highest engineering standards for quality.

All bridges are manufactured in mild steel with a galvanised finish and all submerged materials are stainless steel, GRP or protective coated GMS to ensure longevity.

Scraper Systems

Rectangular Sludge

Scraper System

Our Rectangular Scraper Systems are designed for primary and secondary settlement tanks with diameters of up to 70 meters in length and 20 meters in width. Our Scraper incorporates a range of features designed to offer the most cost-effective option whilst minimising maintenance requirements throughout the product lifecycle.

Rotating Bridge

Scraper System

Our Rotating Bridge Scraper System is designed to remove Settled Sludge and Scum from Circular Settlement Tanks. The equipment in a tank comprises of galvanised fabricated bridge structure of castellated beams, universal beams or parallel flanged channel complete with a galvanised steel open mesh flooring walkway suitable handrails and toe plates.We offer two types of Rotating Bridge Scraper System, Half Bridge Scrapers which have a diameter range of 5 meters to 35 meters and Full-Bridge Scrapers, which have a diameter range of 25 meters to 50 meters.

All our systems have a targeted design life that exceeds 20 years and are able to handle high sludge loads.

Scraper Systems

Bespoke Coating

Motored gears, bearings, etc. are supplied coated according to the customer requirements.


Experienced Electricians

All electrical components are installed, tested and certified by experienced electricians.


Approved Suppliers

All materials are locally sourced from our approved supplier list.


WIMES 2.03 Specification

All scraper systems are designed to WIMES 2.03 specification.

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