PINs Social Club, Liverpool


JK Projects UK has completed a safe demolition and decommissioning of an indoor car park at 45 to 61 Duke Street.

Allowing the 16,000 sq ft space to be ready for the construction of PINs bowling alley and entertainment.

The project required the demolition and decommissioning of a reinforced multi-storey car park. The building was flanked on either side by businesses, with residential properties to both the front and rear elevations.

JK Projects UK carried out the following;

  • Secure sit perimeter to prevent access by unauthorised personnel
  • Demolition of existing derelict area down to the ground floor level.
  • Demolition of existing internal brick lobby and rear wall including any necessary propping and hoardings.
  • Removal of asbestos containing materials identified in the R&D survey.
  • Removal of existing boiler, oil tank, overhanging equipment, and pipework.
  • Removal of all existing columns and beams supporting timber decking and internal blockwork walls below decking, including any supports and fixings.
  • Removal of existing roof steel structures, removal of built-in trusses and purlins and removal of roof coverings.
  • Removal of existing concrete slabs, drainage and brick walls.
  • Excavations to the existing ground floor to be ready for construction.

JK Projects UK’s successful completion of the demolition works let to a contract extension to provide construction and fit-out work for PINs Liverpool, Duke Street.

  • Commercial & Business Development Manager: Stuart Robinson
  • Project Manager: Conor King

45 Duke Street,
L1 5AP