Providing expert advice for Demolition, Strip Out or Deconstruction


When you require demolition, strip out or deconstruction you can rely on JK Construction Projects Ltd to provide expert advice and excellent quality service. We are able to handle any type of demolition project required by our clients and approach each project with precision and a detailed plan.

JK Construction Projects Ltd is based in Newry, Northern Ireland and operates throughout the UK and Ireland. We ensure that all our demolition projects are managed by our team to the highest standard and apply to the most up-to-date legislation and regulations.

Our demolition services ensure that all structures are removed safely and that we will recycle as many materials as possible and those that can’t be recycled will be disposed of at a licensed waste facility.

As a specialist demolition contractor, we use a variety of machinery, tools, and methods that ensure our customers the most cost-effective results. Therefore, before every demolition is carried out your site will be visited by our experienced team who will design a tailored ground remediation solution to meet the needs of our customers, ensuring that every project will be carried out safely and in a controlled manner.

To minimise our impact on the environment, we ensure that any contaminants or pollutants are removed from the site and are safely disposed of at a waste management site or at a specialist centre.

The result is a prepared site ready for the next stage of development in their project, ensuring that the site and any neighbouring buildings or infrastructure can function safely.




At JK Projects UK we also offer a wide range of asbestos removal, encapsulation and decontamination services as part of our demolition services.

Our asbestos management service covers every stage of the removal and disposal process, allowing all manner of asbestos removal and disposal to be carried out efficiently and safely. We ensure that your asbestos removal is carried out by a team that is fully trained to UKATA Non-Licensed Asbestos Removal.

Why Choose Us?

UK & Ireland

With an office based in Newry in Northern Ireland and Manchester, England, we have experience in delivering our demolition services throughout the UK and Ireland.


Fully Insured

We are fully insured to demolish, deconstruct or strip any building to your requirements.


Controlled Demolitions

We have experience in the controlled demolition, deconstruction and strip out of commercial and industrial structures that range from reinforced concrete to structural frameworks.


Clearing Sites

No matter the size of the demolition we ensure that your site is cleared quickly and safely, ready for development.

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