Life at JK Construction Projects Ltd

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If you’re looking for the opportunity to grow with a company, JK Construction Projects Ltd might be the perfect solution for you. Since the company started we have seen annual growth that has provided numerous career opportunities and increasing importance on leadership roles.

As JK Construction Projects Ltd is rapidly growing we are constantly looking for skilled individuals with a desire in the industry to join our team. We are committed to finding the best individuals from a wide range of backgrounds and ensure that once we have found the right candidate that we do the best to retain them by making sure they enjoy their work and feel valued.

At JK Construction Projects Ltd we believe that we are an employer of choice by promoting respect and equality for opportunity for people from different backgrounds. We believe that every individual who is interviewed and employed should be treated solely on their work performance and contribution throughout their journey at JK Construction Projects Ltd.

Our success to date is due to the hard work of our employees and the commitment that they have put in over the years. We are committed to investing in our employees by providing them with training and refresher courses to enhance and maintain their skills.

With our company continuously growing we hope that you will be part of it and look forward to hearing from you.

Life at JK Construction Projects Ltd


& Benefits

  • Competitive salary.
  • 28 days holiday entitlement, with Christmas holiday shutdown.
  • Supply of all Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).
  • Pension scheme with employer contribution.
  • Travel opportunity within the UK and Ireland.
  • Free health checks carried out annually.
  • Opportunity to work on multi-million-pound projects.
  • Working with JK Projects UK to me is much more than just working in construction. It is being passionate about what I do, encouraging colleagues to work to their best, being a mentor to others and aiming every day to achieve excellence.”

    Conor King, Project Manager

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